Fasetti Oy will start producing products of a deceased Finnish furniture designer | Sisustusblogi Fasetti


Fasetti Oy will start producing products of a deceased Finnish furniture designer

A Finnish family-owned company, Fasetti, will start producing products of a deceased Finnish furniture designer, Carl-Gustaf Hiort af Ornäs. The first product that will be released is Siesta armchair, designed in 1952. ”Siesta armchair was produced in the 1950´s and 1960´s. During the recent years it has been a desired object in the international design auctions. That is the reason we wanted it to be the first model in our production” says entrepreneur mr. Janne Ylönen from Fasetti company.



Carl-Gustaf ”Nalle” Hiort af Ornäs (1911-96) was also internationally known as a furniture designer between 1950´s and 1970´s but was forgotten ever since. His products haven´t been produced for over 30 years.



Fasetti company got the rights for producing this furniture last year. First there will be produced 50 pieces of labeled and numbered Siesta armchairs. All of the armchairs are produced in the carpentershop of Fasetti in Hollola, Finland. The production of this armchair is challenging. In the production mr. Hiort af Ornäs used a plywood bending techniques that he had developed himself. During his career he developed several plywood bending techniques.

Fasetti Oy Siesta tuoli 2

Siesta lounge chair by Carl-Gustaf Hiort af Ornäs

The first, new two Siesta armchairs will be seen at the housing exhibition in Seinäjoki this summer. The Siesta armchair will be launched at Habitare fair in Helsinki next autumn.


Fasetti company will also arrange an exhibition of Hiort af Ornäs former production at the Habitare fair. There will be shown over 70 pieces of his furniture.


In the future the company will also launch other models of Hiort af Ornäs production.


There will also be published a book of mr. Hiort af Ornäs by Fasetti company. The book will be published next autumn.


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