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Siesta lounge chair

Production of mr. Carl-Gustaf Hiort af Ornäs´s Siesta lounge chair begins after 30 years break.

Fasetti company owns all the rights of the Siesta lounge chair and will launch it at Habitare fair in Helsinki next autumn.


First there will be produced a 50 piece limited edition of numbered Siesta lounge chairs. It is possible to pre-order a chair of this edition.

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The production of Siesta chairs is pure 100% Finnish handicraft. All the chairs are produced in the workshops of Fasetti in Hollola, Finland.

There are dozens of color options to choose for upholstering. Siesta chairs are upholstered for example in woollen fabrics of Kvadrat or FOC-free leathers of Wollsdorf.

The production technique of the chair is truly challenging. The production in Fasetti happens with respect to old technique. The body of the chair is manufactured of a one piece of plywood and solid wood. The challenging upholstery work is made by skilled upholsterers of Fasetti.

Who was mr. Carl-Gustaf Hiort af Ornäs?

Carl-Gustaf ”Nalle” Hiort af Ornäs (1911-1996) was a Finnish designer who established Puunveisto Oy company. He was passionate in his work and developed techniques of working with wood through his whole career. Between years 1945-1975 Hiort af Ornäs´ furniture models inspired the Finnish furniture production. Operation of Puunveisto company ended in the beginning of 1970´s when the company was sold to manager of the Puunveisto factory. The story continues now after 30 years as Fasetti starts to produce Hiort af Ornäs furniture.

What is Siesta?

Siesta lounge chair has been designed and introduced in 1952. It was produced in Puunveisto factory until 1970´s. Siesta lounge chair was the most famous product of Carl-Gustaf Hiort af Ornäs and it is sold in international design auctions as well as in the antiques shops.


Siesta lounge chair

Upholstered in wool fabric of Kvadrat (Hallingdal, Tonus or Outback), legs made of birch, 3590€   (legs made of oak or mahogany +140€, pillow + 170€)

Upholstered in Wollsdorf FOC-leather, legs made of birch, 4590€ (legs made of oak or mahogany + 140€, pillow 230€)

50 pieces limited edition, pre-order now! Ask for the available numbers:

All rights reserved


by Fasetti

Production and sales:

Fasetti Oy Vanha Messiläntie 8, 15860 Hollola, Finland




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