The story of the Siesta lounge chair continues – feedback from customers is very valuable | Sisustusblogi Fasetti


The story of the Siesta lounge chair continues – feedback from customers is very valuable

Antique and furnishing company Fasetti from Finland started the production of Siesta lounge chair designed by Carl-Gustaf Hiort af Ornäs in 1952. The production was launched at the Habitare fair 2016 in Helsinki. The chair had not been produced in 40 years. A British design critic Alice Rawsthorn chose Fasetti company and the Siesta chairs to be the best business concept of Habitare fair 2016.


The company got a lot of positive feedback from the customers at the fair of starting the production of Siesta chair. People were happy the chair is being produced again after 40 years. Almost all the people who sat in Siesta chairs mentioned the chair is very comfortable to sit. During the fair hundreds of people of different heights tried the chairs and it occured the form of the chair is very comfortable to both shorter and taller persons.


Fasetti company owners have already decided to launch also other products of Hiort af Ornäs in the future. Many customers wished to have a footstool for the Siesta chair. During the fair was made a decision of launching a footstool too. As far as known, there has not been designed a footstool for Siesta by Hiort af Ornäs. The carpenters of Fasetti, mr. Samuli Ylönen and mr. Esa Niiranen face a challenge when designing a suitable footstool for Siesta lounge chair. The footstool will be launched as soon as possible.


The ordered Siesta chairs are being produced at the workshops of Fasetti now. All of the chairs are produced in Hollola, Finland. The company wants to respect the old methods of production.